The field of orthodontics is a highly specialised area of dental surgery. It deals with the growth of the face and the management of malalignment of the teeth and jaws in both children and adults.

The idea of creating a national association for specialists in the field was first conceived by a group of Nigerian Orthodontists attending the 101st Annual Conference of the American Association of Orthodontists held in Toronto, Canada in May 2001. The Nigerian Association of Orthodontists (NAO) was founded in April 2004 with Prof M.C Isiekwe, one of the pioneer orthodontists in Nigeria nominated as the first president of the fledgling association. At present, there are less than 40 orthodontists in a nation of 170million. Orthodontic awareness continues to grow, especially in large urban areas in the nation.

The association became affiliated to the World Federation of Orthodontists in April 2006.
The Nigerian Association of Orthodontists is an association with the vision to be a leading association of excellence in the advancement and promotion of orthodontic practice in Nigeria and throughout the world.


  • promoting high ethics and standards in the clinical practice of orthodontics
  • Enhancing communication and co-operation between Orthodontists, Institutions and other professional bodies.
  • Protecting the interest of the specialty and the welfare of members.
  • Expressing views on all proposed legislations affecting the practice of the specialty.
  • Cooperating with other bodies (local or international) with similar aims and objectives.
  • Serving in an advisory capacity to the Nigerian Dental Association, the Nigerian Medical Association, panels and government or non-governmental bodies / agencies.
  • Organising scientific conferences, and periodic publication of a scientific journal.
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of professional ideas, knowledge and experiences among the members.
  • Provide a forum for scientific discussion among members.