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The NAO is an independent organization that promotes orthodontic services by qualified orthodontists for the general public within and outside Nigeria.

Since its inception, the NAO mapped out its Annual Scientific Conference to hold every year, with the core objective of increasing  public awareness through education on the causes, prevention and treatment, as well as further researches in this special field of dentistry.
Every year a theme and Sub theme are carefully selected to reflect the current trend in the global perspective of Orthodontic treatment. Twelve editions of the Annual conference have been held. This year the
NAO will hold its 13th Annual Scientific Conference and 1st Simi Johnson Memorial Lecture from 24th - 26th September 2019, in Enugu. Chief Doctor Simisola Olayemi Onibuwe Johnson was the first Nigeria Orthodontist(1913 - 2000)

Call For Abstract

13th Annual Scientific Conference and 1st Simi Johnson Memorial Lecture.

The Nigerian Association of Orthodontists announces a call for abstracts for the 13th Scientific Conference /  Annual General Meeting of the Association holding from 24th to 26th September 2019 in Enugu, Nigeria.